Profile Cabinetry looking to streamline estimating & create a better buying experience for customers

May 10, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Profile Cabinetry - Toronto

Profile Cabinetry is a custom kitchen cabinet renovation company. They were spending too much time on estimates and leaving money on the table from not being able to include upgrades or selections within their proposals.  They wanted to give their customers a more convenient buying experience.
Profile Cabinetry utilized one of our Success Coaches and got totally setup properly.  They provided their excel spreadsheets with costs and also their finishes catalog of items they wanted included along with upgrades.  They ended up with their own custom assemblies complete with upgrades and optional items that they could send out to all their customers quickly.
They couldn’t be happier. Their customers love the experience and they are getting out estimates a lot quicker.  They are actually able to make money on items that they usually never included in an estimate.  
 “In terms of the customer buying experience I have had a lot of positive feedback from clients that are getting proposals from CostCertified… it’s a game changer”