JKS Contracting - Remodelling Company Looking To Streamline Their Current Estimating Process...

May 10, 2021 12:00:00 AM

JKS Contracting - Wisconsin (Jeffrey Slachetka)

A remodelling/construction company looking to streamline their complex estimates and give their client’s the best possible buying experience in the industry.  JKS Contracting searched for over 7 months looking for the right software to meet their needs including Jobber, JobNimbus, BlueBeam Revu, ClientHub, JOB PROGRESS, and FieldPulse.  None of the software they looked at seemed to be the right solution.
CostCertified allowed JKS Contracting to take a very complex estimate and streamline it so that it didn’t eat away at their precious time.  CostCertified allows them to send more quotes, much sooner, at a much higher profit margin. They setup their custom assemblies and added upgrades so that their customers would have a great experience and JKS would make more money from the upgrades.
Instead of us telling you their results let us share you their results in their own words:
“In regards to choosing CostCertified over Jobber. Jobber has an amazing functioning and refined platform, as well as App, but that was pretty much the issue. I felt they were refined/established to the point where software recommendations/changes would essentially go unheard and while they have a very smooth functioning strong CRM they have a weak estimation area. We felt their targeted client would be a business with fewer services and simpler estimates (Lawn Care, Window cleaning, or Painting perhaps).
So comparing this to these same areas of CostCertified we realized that while you were not completely refined your estimation portion at the most basic level was superior to any other software we had come in contact with especially for our complex projects and that’s just the basics. Then there is our customer's experience side of the software which as far as I know is not available with any other Construction Software on the Market; and we saw that CostCertified's offering was not entirely developed and would only get stronger in the areas that were currently slightly weaker than similar software. 
Our results since using CostCertified have been incredible. We are still in the building stage with our company’s items and assemblies but we have already seen the efficiency and power with what we have built so far and know it will only get better. Besides increased efficiency and repeatable accuracy our CostCertified Proposals also ensure that we have profit built into every item we sell which reduces the stress of sales and pushing the items we think would have more profit. To your question about booking more projects, I would say that there hasn’t been as much of an increase in projects booked as much as the projects we do book having the correct profit. Having said this though we are estimating many more projects than we used to and the Projects we are closing on have a much higher profit. In regards to our Clients experience with the Interactive Proposal. We have had a lot of positive feedback from our clients as to the appearance, ease of use, and easy upgrades on the CostCertified Proposal.”