How Remodeling Estimating Software Plays a Major Role in Growing a Remodeling Business

Jun 18, 2021 12:00:00 AM
With a market size of $97 billion and around 455,608 businesses, home remodeling is a large industry across the US. As a renovations contractor, this means that you have a lot of competition to crush if you want to remain sustainable in an ever-growing industry.
Having appropriate remodeling estimating software can keep you competitive and ensure that you continue to have a place within your market. Read on to learn some of the reasons that you need to give accurate and detailed quotes to your audience if you want to grow.

The Importance of Remodeling Estimating Software

When your consumers click on your webpage, it's critical that you make an impression. Doing so ensures that they will choose to work with you rather than competitor remodeling contractors.
Initially, you need to engage them at the top of the sales funnel by showing them why they need home upgrades. However, you must also address mid-funnel consideration stages and the late-funnel reasons that they should purchase from you.
It's critical that you provide the buyer with the best possible experience when looking into your services. A good remodeling estimating software transforms the buying experience for the consumer and makes them more likely to work with you.
Remember: everything that a consumer purchases revolves around the estimate. Estimates inform consumers how much they'll be spending and allow them to make a more informed choice between you and your competitors.
Static, vague, or unclear estimates harm the consumer experience. To make sure that these poor-quality estimates stay far away from your business, you'll need the best estimate software out there: CostCertified solutions.

What Sets CostCertified Apart?

With traditional estimate software, those working with your remodeling business won't be sure what they're getting.
Consumers already know that contractors will need to do 'plumbing work' and 'tile installation.' Telling them that they must pay for these services is redundant. Instead, they want to see the exact sink size or tile style they'll get.
CostCertified tells you the options available to you so you can choose the actual features you want for your space. This provides you with a more accurate estimate.
You can also upgrade or downgrade your selections if you need to alter the price. It will change in real-time. This interactivity also sets you apart from the competition by making your site more engaging and interesting, boosting the customer experience even further.
Estimates will therefore be 100% accurate and readable. Those who use your bathroom or kitchen estimating software will be more informed than they otherwise would be. They can be completely confident in their contracting decisions.

Greater Transparency

Fast and accurate quotes boost your business transparency. Consumers will know what they're getting and be able to read their estimates clearly.
With CostCertified solutions, customers get clarity, convenience, and control.  Companies that use CostCertified have been empirically proven to get more clients and rise up ahead of their direct competitors.
Our experts are happy to share case studies when you reach out. For now, though, you simply need to know that you're going to make about 7% more for each job you take on.
This is partly because 83% of those you work with will better understand costs and feel comfortable upgrading their selections. Companies that do not have such easy-to-interpret estimates will have less confident consumers and therefore lose money on feasible upgrades.

Long-Term Achievement

Because of its efficiency, CostCertified is the future. When one business implements it, others will need to follow suit in order to keep up. However, if you're the first business in your area to implement these strategies, you will always be ahead.
But why is this the case?
You might liken other technologies to Blockbuster while CostCertified is Netflix.
People who went to BlockBuster didn't know what they were getting. Neither do those who view traditional digital construction proposals. Because of the low quality of these estimates, the technologies that provide them are not sustainable in the long term.
On the flip side, seeing everything that they're getting prior to a home renovation lets consumers find precisely what they want in a convenient and efficient way. This is similar to how you can browse Netflix until you find the perfect show for you. You can immediately find something new if the show isn't what you wanted, just as you can immediately upgrade potential renovations in CostCertified's software for better quotes.
Convenience, simplicity, and the ability to browse and make the best possible selections are the future of all markets. Like streaming television, CostCertified technology allows for this to happen, making it the future of renovation estimating software.

Generates Quality Leads

Nurturing quality leads is yet another way that CostCertified technologies help to grow a remodeling business.
Consumers who use inferior estimates software may reach out to companies prematurely. Because of difficulty reading and interpreting a vague estimate, they may incorrectly assume that that company's services are within their price range. They will then reach out and waste the contractor's time explaining services to them that they cannot afford.
Using accurate estimate software ensures that consumers clearly understand whether or not your business is within their price range. You won't waste time following up with prospects who will be forced to turn you down immediately after their consultation.
This frees up your time and energy to focus on the prospects who matter most to your business. You can invest this time in talking about potential upgrades with them, creating payment plans, and nurturing business connections to encourage client-contractor communications.

Grow Your Remodeling Business Today

Now that you know how appropriate remodeling estimating software helps your business grow, it's time to get started. Sign up for a free trial of CostCertified's software to ensure that your remodeling business can rise above the competition.
Our experts are happy to answer any remaining questions you have about our technology. We also are happy to help you integrate the system into your website for a smoother transition. Since we pride ourselves on ensuring that your business remains sustainable in a changing market, we look forward to working with you soon.