Customer Success Story - Metropolitan Fence

Aug 12, 2022 3:30:23 PM

Our customer success story this week features Daniel and his fence company, Metropolitan Fence. The company is based in Maryland and has always had a good number of prospects and revenue. What caught Daniel's eye when discovering our construction estimating software was how quickly he could build and then send out accurate quotes. "We did all of our quotes manually from scratch using Quickbooks and having to write up all the materials each time and get everything priced out" Daniel said to Albert, one of our customer success managers. His biggest pain point was that the whole estimating process was very time consuming and that they were missing out on maximizing how many projects they could do. He also liked the idea of having the price ready after quoting right on sight: "That was really a game changer for our company" he told us.


Daniel's onboarding was how easy it can be. He had a kickoff call with Albert and within the same week, he was already sending out proposals! The week after, he booked 2 jobs and within the first month with CostCertified he made $100,000 thanks to our proposals. That was a fantastic start for him. His willingness to start using our software helped him to accomplish great results in a very short time. We are very interested in following his performance over the next months as the velocity of his onboarding is one of the best examples we could find and we really believe this will be key for his future success.


CostCertified makes estimating fast so that you have more time to book more projects. So book a call here and find out how we can help you too!