Customer Success Story - Mangino Home Improvements

Jul 7, 2022 2:42:28 PM

This week's Customer Success Story focuses on a major deal that changed the way Mangino Home Improvements built and sent out estimates to their customers.

George and his family business have been CostCertified's customers for 6 months and found our platform a game changer. The chance to comprehend the full power of our platform came with their third project booked with us when they were bidding on a large addition job along with substantial renovation to the existing home. The preliminary estimate they communicated to the customer without using our software was $350k...

The Mangino's asked our customer success team for help with building out the assemblies they would need for the addition. Our team sat down with George and went over the drawings and scope of work for the project. George started building assemblies which we added to their account one by one and had them work on them to "fill in the blanks" while we built out the rest of the assemblies.
Once the estimate was complete, the total came to $490K, significantly larger than the verbal estimate they gave the customer before starting on number crunching!

At the time the Mangino's were bidding against several other contractors but ended up winning the deal because of CostCertified. Even though they came in with a higher quote than their competitors, the customer decided to seal the deal with them because they loved the interactive proposal and the ability to upgrade/downgrade and select the options they wanted.


Winning this job was fundamental for Mangino Home Improvements as the use of our software gave them the upper hand over the competition. This meant that they were able to increase their booked project rate as well as their profits. In addition, the accuracy of CostCertified's estimates saved them from giving wrong information to their customers which would have led to friction (slowing the customer from reaching their goal, and at the same time slowing the sale).


After closing the deal they contacted us to let us know how crucial our software was in booking this home renovation job and were very appreciative of the thorough help they received from our customer success team.