Customer Success Story - Guaranteed Services LLC

Jun 30, 2022 9:22:27 AM

With over 18 years of experience, Reginald Bell started Guaranteed Services LLC as a one-man show providing a range of services. Priding himself on making every customer feel like family, he worked tirelessly to get estimates out to his clients and on average this would take more than 30 hours per week. Beyond the dedication he showed to his business, he is a proud father of 9, meaning he had little time to spare.

When Reginald started his journey with CostCertified, taking the time away from work and family to set up onboarding meetings was no easy task. But finally, after countless reschedules, CostCertified’s Customer Success Managers were able to build out assemblies specific to Guaranteed Services and get Reginald trained in the software after only 3 hours.

With the use of CostCertified, Reginald was able to mitigate his greatest pain points in his business. He was able to decrease his average estimation time to 3 hours a week, take on more projects than ever, and exponentially increase his booking percentage. Most importantly, CostCertified was able to give Reginald the opportunity to spend more time doing what he cares about most - being with his family.

Overall, Reginald has not only experienced a 20% increase in booked projects since joining CostCertified, but also earned more precious time he can spend with his kid! We are so happy to have helped Reginald achieve this. We cannot wait to work on so many new projects with Guaranteed Services LLC!