6 Ways Bathroom Estimating Software Streamlines Your Process

Aug 20, 2021 12:00:00 AM
Bathroom remodels were incredibly popular in 2020, with home spending up by 50%, and 30% of improvements happening in the bath or powder room. 
If you're a bathroom contractor, you're probably enjoying a fair amount of business at the moment. Perhaps you're even overrun and struggling to keep up with demand? Or maybe you haven't had that many new projects, even with the heightened demand?
Whether you're run off your feet or wondering why your estimates aren't getting accepted, we have a powerful solution for you. Bathroom estimating software. 
Remodeling estimating software can streamline your process from start to finish. Not only can it save you time, but it can also win you more clients, and reduce complications and headaches during projects. 
Sounds like something you need? It is. 
Keep reading to find out six ways bathroom estimating software can revolutionize your business. 

1. Easy Estimate and Quote Creation

One of the ways our bathroom estimating software streamlines things is by speeding up estimate and quote creation. 
To begin with, CostCertified allows you to create line items and products directly within the software. Not only can you save these items, but you can also add images and additional specs that the client will be able to see in their estimate. 
You can also group items into "plans." These plans can act as ready-to-go standard groupings for estimates. 
To save you even more time, CostCertified allows you to input the floor area of bathrooms and other spaces. This will automatically adjust the line item and estimate totals. 
Let's say Jerry asks you for a basic bathroom estimate. Instead of manually having to draw one up, you can effortlessly create an estimate within minutes. You can also send this through to him right from within CostCertified.

2. Clients Get Instant Visuals and the Chance to Make Changes Within the Estimate

Not only are our estimates lightning-fast to create, but they are also interactive and visual. When you create items with CostCertified you can attach multiple product images. 
This gives potential clients an immediate visual on the look and feel of their new bathroom. 
If they don't like some of the options or finishes, they can select upgrades and alternatives, right within the estimate. 
For instance, if Jerry doesn't like the basin selection, he can choose an alternative design. If he does, the estimate will update in real-time to reflect the price change. Jerry can even try out multiple different finishes and product options and get an instant visual and how they pair together. 
This is a vast upgrade from the standard, static, non-visual estimates that the remodeling industry has been plagued by for so long. 

3. Integrated Product Markups

Another way our bathroom estimating software can streamline your estimate process is through integrated product markups. 
With traditional estimate generation, creating markups can be very labor-intensive. What's more, these markups and profit margins can easily become eroded when you give discounts. 
With CostCertified you can set a default margin by adjusting a sliding scale. After this, you can still adjust margins on individual items if you wish. 
This feature of our invoice and estimate software also gives you a top-down view on where you're making money. As well as where you might be losing money. 
What's more, it enables sales agents to give out discounts without accidentally going below your minimum profit margin. 

4. Quicker Estimate Acceptance

If you want your estimates accepted quicker and more frequently, you need construction estimating software.
Because CostCertified's estimates are both interactive and visual, they provide an amazon-like buying experience for clients. 
Instead of receiving and a grey-and-white list of line items in tiny writing, your clients will be able to view their estimate almost like a mood board. Being able to see the product and finishes images all together will give them an instant visual on their new bathroom.
This helps clients visualize and get excited about the end result. According to reports, the number one reason people renovate their bathrooms is not to improve functionality, but to upgrade the aesthetic. This means that how the end product looks is very important to clients. 
Laid down next to a competitor's estimate, yours will immediately stand out and provide clients with a visual idea of the look and feel of their completed bathroom. 
What's more, if the client wants to tweak this, they can, and they can do it immediately. They don't have to phone you up, email, or liaise over different finishes. Instead, they can simply make their new selection, see right away how it affects the total cost, and click accept. 
These two factors can dramatically speed up and increase the frequency of your estimate approvals.

5. Fewer Back and Forths With Your Clients

Like we said above, our bathroom estimating software allows clients to change their finish and product selections right within their estimates. 
Not only does this speed things up, but it also saves you time by reducing back and forth interactions. Instead of having to contact you over every little finish change, clients can make these selection swaps themselves. This means you can spend less time:
  1. Discussing selections by phone or email
  2. Meeting with clients over selections
  3. Adjusting estimates to reflect changes
Added up, this can save you a lot of time as a contractor. 
To reduce misunderstandings, some contractors spend hours driving out to clients, taking them samples, and even meeting with them at stores to go over finishes and other selections. 
With CostCertified, you can win all of this time back, and ensure that your client gets to choose exactly what they want for their bathroom. 

6. Fewer Misunderstandings and Errors

Along with saving you time, software for estimating bathroom costs can also lead to fewer misunderstandings.
Because clients can pick out their own vanities, mirrors, countertops, hardware, tiles, etc, there's less chance their wishes becoming lost in translation. 
If you're trying to translate clients' selections from the phone into their estimate, and you're using traditional estimating tools with no visual elements, errors and misunderstandings are bound to creep in from time to time.

Revolutionize Your Process (And Acceptance Rate) With the Right Bathroom Estimating Software

Does the estimate creation process eat up huge chunks of your time? Are you failing to see the estimate acceptance rate that you'd like? If so, CostCertified is the solution. 
Unlike any other kind of estimating software on the market, CostCertified's estimates act almost like a mood board and cost estimator at the same time, allowing the client to make tweaks at their leisure. Its visual, interactive nature is a revolutionary step forward and is guaranteed to get your clients excited about pursuing their bathroom renovation with you.
Our bathroom estimating software removes friction points in the buyer journey, reduces misunderstandings, and can save you incredible amounts of time. 
Take advantage of a free trial today and make your estimates stand out a mile from the competition.